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owner/a&r director

Chris Williams        "The Living Rock" Now Available!
Chris is a dynamic performer and songwriter with an amazing range of style and abilities both on stage and in the studio. In addition to being the A&R Director for LRM Studio Productions and Living Rock Music, she is a highly gifted Worship Leader and currently leads worship at Christ the Shepherd UMC
(a cooperative parish of Shepherd's Community UMC and Christ UMC) in Lakeland, Florida. 


Chris' latest project, "The Living Rock", now available on:





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Cynthia Lester

Cynthia is a dynamic and Holy Spirit filled performer, songwriter and Worship Leader. She leads worship at End Time Restoration Church in Lake Wales, Florida.




Kourtney Rea
At 15 years old, Kourtney is the youngest writer/performer of the group. Kourtney brings a fresh, age appropriate perspective while showing deep spiritual insight. God has blessed her with the talent to connect with people of all ages.


Julie Carson
Julie is not only an accomplished writer and performer, but is also a gifted Worship Leader. She plays guitar and drums for two of the worship teams at Christ the Shepherd UMC in Lakeland, Florida and, at just 17 years old, leads worship for Youth services as well as filling in during regular Sunday services as needed.


Steve Jones

Steve is a highly gifted artist, writer and Worship Leader. In addition to being an outstanding vocalist and guitarist, he is also a premier trumpeter. Steve leads worship at the Lake Miriam campus of Christ the Shepherd UMC and plays guitar for the Praise Band at Christ the Shepherd UMC's Shepherd Road campus.





Ron Williams

Ron is a veteran performer, arranger and producer with over 30 years experience in performance and production. Additionally, he is the Director of Worship Arts for Christ the Shepherd United Methodist Church in Lakeland, Florida.






Gerard Morrison

Gerard is a gifted voice actor and script writer with a wide range of style. His voiceovers and live performances add life, color and poignancy to recordings as well as live drama.









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